The Lack Name
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We do not know the origin of the name, but in the Grant of Arms to John Lack in 1808, it states that the family is 'by tradition descended from a family of the same name seated at Antwerp'. That is the earliest mention of the name in our family. When I was in Antwerp, I asked about records from late 18th C, and I was told that they had been destroyed in the war.

The distribution of the Lack name in England in 1881 was as follows:

The Low Countries' in those times were very keen bulb growers, and in the Dutch Economic History archive ( there is a picture of a Lack tulip. Evidence of a connection would be most interesting!
Unfortunately it has proved impossible to discover the parents of John Lack, his probable brother James, or his wife Elizabeth Horsfield. John must have been well educated, because he became private secretary to Lord Hawkesbury, who became Lord Liverpool. Below is his grant of arms.
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