Ancestors of Rev. Rainsford Bavin and Emma Buddle

Rev. Rainsford Bavin and Emma Buddle

Husband Rev. Rainsford Bavin

           Born: 30 Sep 1845
     Christened: 2 Nov 1845 - Dunston, Lincolnshire
           Died: 2 Aug 1905 - Newcastle, Australia
         Buried: 3 Aug 1905 - Methodist part, SectA, Lot 65 Gore Hill, Willoughby

         Father: William Bavin (Abt 1808-Abt 1875)
         Mother: Ann Clay (1812-Abt 1869)

       Marriage: 3 Mar 1870 - Wesleyan Church, Christchurch, New Zealand

Events in his life were:
Bavin Family, Bavin Family

Occupation, Wesleyan Methodist Minister - New Zealand & Australia

Ordained, 1866

President of Australasian Conference, President of Australasian Conference, 1883

Wife Emma Buddle

           Born: 8 Jul 1845 1
           Died: 26 Apr 1931
         Buried: 27 Apr 1931 - Gore Hill, Willoughby

         Father: Rev. Thomas Buddle (1812-1883)
         Mother: Sarah Dixon (1813-1884)

Events in their marriage were:

1 F Edna Sara Bavin

           Born: 27 Dec 1871 - New Zealand
           Died: 27 Jul 1923 - Che-Foo, China
 Cause of Death: Amoebic Dysentery, wrongly treated
         Spouse: Rev. Charles Nedham Lack (1872-1938)
           Marr: 23 Oct 1900 - Yokohama, Japan

2 F Jessie Maude Bavin

           Born: Est 1874
         Spouse: Ambrose Fletcher (      -      )

3 M Sir Thomas Rainsford Bavin

           Born: 5 May 1874 - Kaiapoi, New Zealand
           Died: 31 Aug 1941
         Spouse: Edyth Winchcombe (      -      )
           Marr: 1901

4 F Gertrude Lilian Bavin

           Born: 1875
         Spouse: William Parker (      -      )

5 M Cyril Bavin

           Born: 1878

6 M Horace William Bavin

           Born: Est 1880
         Spouse: Lil (      -      )

7 F Florence Emily Bavin

           Born: Est 1880
         Spouse: Ernest Warren (      -      )

8 M Lancelot Bavin

           Born: 18 Aug 1881
           Died: 4 Jan 1956
         Spouse: Ida (      -      )

9 F Dora Bavin

           Born: Est 1880

General Notes (Husband)

Reverend Rainsford Bavin was born in Linconshire England on 30 September 1845.At the age of 16 his employment was that of a teacher in Wesleyan Schools and later he was a tutor at a private academy. He also had commenced preaching in village chapels in his native County. In 1864 he was accepted as a candidate for the Ministry by the British Conference and he entered the Wesleyan Ministry in 1866.
At first he was designated for India but for health reasons this was changed and he was sent to New Zealand where he arrived in 1867. His first appointment was to Christchurch, followed by appointment to Timaru, Kaiapoi, Wanganui, Nelson, Wellington and Auckland circuits.
In 1869 he married New Zealand born Emma Buddle, the daughter of Reverend Thomas Buddle who had arrived in New Zealand from England in 1830. Thay had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Mrs Bavin was a strong supporter of her husband's work and, later was largely instrumental in forming the Delmar Children's Home at Wplloomooloo NSW She was also associated with the early development of the Mowbray House School.
Reverend Bavin held many offices of the church during his time in New Zealand, culmination in being elected to the position of Chairman of the Australian Conference in 1883. Contrary to the usual Australian and British custom of the time when appointing Presidents he was an unusually youthful Minister to have received the honour.
He was appointed as an exchange with New South Wales by the General Conference in 1888, and in April 1889 he came to Sydney with his family and took charge of the William St Church. From there he went to Ashfield where he remained for three years and in that same year he visited England with his wife as Australian representative to the English Conference. In 1899 he was appointed Organising Secretary for the Century Commeration Fund. In that position he was able to achieve the target of raising fifty thousand guineas.
In 1902 he was appointed to the Newcastle Circuit there he remained for 3 years and established the Central Mission in that city. In 1903 he was honoured by being appointed President of the Conference.
His son Launcelot Bavin was born on 18 August 1881, and with his wife Ida and the help of his mother, founded the Chatswood Preparatory School in Mowbray Road Chatswood. This was later to become the Mowbray House School. The school chapel was built in 1875 and was to become Chatswood's first Town Hall. Lancelot was the school's headmaster for 48 years until illness forced him to close the school in 1954. The property was bought by the Sydney County Council. He was the father of 2 boys and 2 girls.
Reverend Rainsford Bavin died at Roslyn Gardens Darlinghurst on 2 August 1905 aged 60 years. Emma Bavin died on 26 April 1931aged 86 yaers and Lancelot Bavin died on 4 January 1956 aged 74 years.

Our readers have already been informed through the medium of the Press Association of the decease of the Rev. Rainsford Bavin. A few weeks ago the fact of his very serious illness was chronicled, and prayers were offered in the Newcastle churches on his behalf. Just what has been the nature of his affliction has not been stated, except that it involved an operation. The result is, of course, very much to be deplored. For some time the worst has been anticipated, and two or three weeks ago President Sellers deemed it advisable, in consequence of Mr Bavin's continued incapacity, to appoint an acting Chairman of the District. This death removes from the Methodist Church of the Australian Commonwealth one of its ablest and most strenuous workers.
His ministry began in New Zealand as far back as 1866, and his first appointment was Christchurch. At that time the Christchurch Circuit included the whole of North Canterbury; in fact, there were only two in the province, the other being Timaru. In this wide area he laboured under the superintendency of Thomas Buddle, and with Alexander Reid as the second man. That first New Zealand appointment is still remembered with gratitude and affection by some old Canterbury settlers. Mr Bavin's succeeding appointments were Timaru, Kaiapoi, Wanganui, Nelson, Wellington, Auckland (Grafton Road), and Manuka. In 1883 the New Zealand Conference made him its President. Sixteen years ago he was transferred by the General Conference to New South Wales, and there, as here, he has always been in the front rank of its workers. When its Century Commemoration Fund had to be created he was the man specially set apart for the work, and the splendid manner in which he organised the effort was largely responsible for its success. In 1903 he was President of that Conference also. One remarkable feature of Mr Bavin's power is the way in which, during his last appointment, he has created a great Central Mission at Newcastle. The process of years had not damped the enthusiasm of youth, and with a failing health he gave himself with great ardour to the forward movement in the Church.
To the end Mr Bavin took a keen interest in all that related to New Zealand Methodism. His transference to another Conference had simply broadened his outlook and intensified his sympathies. This, however, was only natural, seeing Mrs Bavin was a daughter of his first Superintendent, Thomas Buddle. It would be almost impossible to be brought into such close relationship with Mr Buddle and then lose interest in the Church he loved so much and served so nobly. How much of the success of Mr Bavin's ministry should be credited to the lady who sits apart in her widow today will never be known; but certain it is, if the Church could appraise the value of her service, it would never be able to service its debt. It does, however, tender to her and her family its deepest sympathy, and prays that the consolations of Christ may be her com and stay. No greater proof could be given of the beauty and sweetness of the home life of Mr and Mrs Bavin than the fact that both a son and a daughter have given their lives to Christ for service on the foreign field. In them it is literally true, "He, being dead, yet speaketh."

General Notes (Wife)

Mrs. Emma Bavin, widow of the Rev. Rainsford Bavin, a prominent Methodist minister for many years, and and Mother or Mr: T. R. Bavin, leader of the State Opposition , died at Chatswood yesterday at the age of 86 years.
Born in New Zealand, Mrs. Buddle was the daughter of one of the pioneer missionaries to New Zealand, the Rev. Thomas Buddle, who arrived in the colony in 1830. For many years Mr. Buddle worked among the Maories and was associated with early events of New Zealand history, including the Maori War. To the last Mrs. Bavin retained vivid memories of exciting experiences in her childhood. In 1869 she married the Rev. Rainsford Bavin who had come from England to join the Methodist ministry, and who, for 20 years, served in the pioneer work of extending the agencies of the Methodist Church throughout the colony, frequently under primitive and most difficult conditions. The Rev. Mr. Bavin was transferred to New South Wales in 1889 and from that date Mrs. Bavin's home had been in Sydney. Mrs. Bavin threw herself indefatigably into her husband's work, and evidences of her initiative and energy are still to be seen in Sydney, the most notable being the Delmar Children's Home at Carlingford, which she was largely instrumental In founding in what was then the slum area of Woolloomooloo. Since her husband's death in 1905 Mrs. Bavin had resided with her youngest son, Mr. L. Bavin, headmaster of Mowbray House School, Chatswood, and alderman and ex-Mayor of Willoughby Council, Mrs. Bavin was actively associated with the early development of Mowbray School and her good offices will be remembered with affection by many of the old boys of the school throughout the State. Her other sons are Mr. T. R. Bavin (leader of the State O pposition) and Mr. Cyril Bavin, O.B.E. (organising secretary of the migration department of the Y.M.C. in London). There are four daughters, Mrs. E. W. Warren, Mrs. A. Fletcher (wife of the Rev. H. Fletcher), Mrs. W. A. Parker (wife of Mr. Parker, Master in Equity), and Mrs. L. H. Allen (wife of Professor Allen, of Canberra).
A special service will be held at Mowbray House School) at 3.30 o'clock this afternoon, after which the funeral will leave for the Gore Hill Cemetery.

Notes (Marriage)

BAVIN - BUDDLE - On March 3, at the Weslyan Church, Christchurch, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Rev. A. Reid, the Rev. Rainsford Bavin, Weslyan Minister, of Timaru, to Emma, third daughter of the Rev. Thomas Buddle, of Christchurch. - no card. [NZH 14 March 1870]



1 Letter to Mother, Edna Bavin, Birthday letter.

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