Lack Family and Relatives
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I am still experimenting with ways to display family data. The problem is that there is no one 'source' person - nor 'destination'. So this section shows everybody, and I have done separate sections for the main families.

This is the narrative form, and in due course I hope to be able to show things in a tree form - at present commercial organisations seem just to have got round to being able to do this, so for the moment this is about the best (click)

For ease of navigation, I have labelled the parents of the earliest known member of the main families 'Old Father/Mother XXXX'. So Old Father Lack is John Lack's father.

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I have scanned many of the family photographs that I have, and should like to offer high-resolution copies to anyone who would like them - just ask! I'd particularly appreciate any ideas as to the identities of the 'unknowns'

Many on the Steele side came from Willie Munro of Clashnabuiac, but some from other parts of the family. Please tell me if you have any others.

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These are sites and articles about family members

The Original Grant of Arms to John Lack   Rev. Thomas Buddle
Rev. Thomas & Mrs Buddle's Biography   Sir Tom Rainsford Bavin
The Voyage of the 'Triton' carrying the Buddles to New Zealand   Dr. James Hansard
William Dixon's Home   Hansard Parliamentary Reports
Mission Stations in China   Sir Henry Reader-Lack
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