Family Photographs
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Lady with glasses & baby Adelaide.jpg

Laing Banchory maybe.jpg

Mother & Baby Bayswater.jpg


Unknown 1.jpg

Unknown 2.jpg

Unknown 3 Glasgow.jpg

Unknown 4.jpg

Unknown 5.jpg

Unknown 7.jpg

Unknown 8.jpg




Coat of Arms.jpg


Grant of Arms Hi-Res mod.jpg



Balfour Mrs of Jedburgh nee Turnbull.jpg

Balfour Mrs of Jedburgh.jpg

Balfour of Jedburgh.jpg

BalfourJanet m Brown.jpg

Brown Captain m Janet Balfour.jpg



Bavin Family.jpg

Bavin Rainsford 1883.jpg

Bavin Rev Rainsford.jpg

Bavin Thomas Rainsford .jpg

Bavin Tom Rainsford young.jpg



Brown Mrs.jpg

Brown Rev G.jpg

Brown Rev George.jpg

Buddle Emma 1924 at Chatswood.jpg

Buddle Emma.jpg

Buddle mission.jpg

Buddle Sarah.jpg

Buddle Thomas 1866.jpg

Buddle Thomas mid.jpg

Buddle Thomas old.jpg

Crump J A young.jpg

Crump Mrs J A.jpg

Crump Rev J A 2.jpg

Crump Rev J A Old.jpg

Dellow Rev J.jpg

Triton color.jpg




Douglas George Arboll.jpg

Douglas George Little Raith.jpg



Duff Catherine m Wallace.jpg

Duff Catherine m Wallace2.jpg

Duff James Balindrum.jpg



McKay Capt. Hilton.jpg



Baker Aaron Webb.jpg

Baker An old friend of Rev AA .jpg

Baker Marianne m. Nedham.jpg

Beckman Sir Martin.jpg

Dubber Martha m Hampson Nedham.jpg

Huson Mrs nee Elizabeth Frances Baker.jpg

Nedham Alfred Gyllett -painting.jpg

Nedham Charles Sewell RN.jpg

Nedham Hampson.jpg

Nedham Henry as 9 yo.jpg

Nedham Lt Gen Charles.jpg

Nedham Lt Gen.jpg

Nedham Maj Gen William.jpg

Nedham Rev J ohn.jpg

Nedham William Alfred .jpg

Nedham William Dandy.jpg

Nedham William plaque.jpg

Strode George father of 5.jpg

Strode George possibly.jpg

Strode Lucinda of Wookey.jpg

Unknown gentleman.jpg

Unknown lady.jpg

Webb Grace.jpg



Power John .jpg

Power Rebecca d 1885.jpg

Power Rebecca marriage silhouette.jpg



Ross Andrew, James & John Glasgow (Melbourne).jpg

Ross Catherine Duff.jpg

Ross Catherine, dau of Wilhelmina NZ.jpg

Ross John Inverness.jpg

Ross Mr & Mrs Mairanapa Glasgow.jpg

Ross Mrs Andrew.jpg

Ross Rev Charles NZ m Wilhelmina.jpg



Scott Andrew of Newton.jpg

Scott Capt Edward 1880.jpg

Scott Capt Edward mod.jpg

Scott Jessie Fraser & John 1868.jpg

Scott Lady maybe.jpg

Scott Mary.jpg

Scott Mrs of Newton.jpg



Taylor Janet of Islay.jpg



Turnbull Elizabeth & Derry.jpg

Turnbull Elizabeth 2.jpg

Turnbull Elizabeth b 1811.jpg

Turnbull Elizabeth young b 1811.jpg

Turnbull Ellen, wife of John .jpg

Turnbull Gerald & Janet Bell.jpg

Turnbull Isabella.jpg

Turnbull Janet Wight nee 1809-1865 Coldstream.jpg

Turnbull John of Grizzlerig b 1826.jpg

Turnbull Maggie & Janet 1st fam of RBT.jpg

Turnbull Maggie .jpg

Turnbull Mary Anne of Jedburgh.jpg

Turnbull McKay & Willie.jpg

Turnbull Mrs William of Nairn.jpg

Turnbull RB & first family 400dpi.jpg

Turnbull RB & Flora.jpg

Turnbull RB 1883.jpg

Turnbull RB.jpg

Turnbull Wallace .jpg

Turnbull William of Nairn b 1816.jpg

Turnbull William of Nairn.jpg



Wallace A of Tullich.jpg

Wallace Flora of Seafield.jpg

Wallace Flora.jpg

Wallace John Duff of New York.jpg

Wallace John.jpg

Wallace Wilhelmina m Ross & Catherine (NZ).jpg