Nedham Residences
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These are the principal Nedham residences and Chapels

Earliest known residence of Needham family, from 13th C.

Brought to the family by the marriage of Maud Mellor to Thomas in 1353. It was in the family until about 1570

Brought by Alice Cranage on her marriage to William de Nedeham in mid 14thC. Now a modern conference center. Close to Holmes Chapel Also called Shenton; Family estate of the Needhams for centuries. The Hall was demolished in 1958. Brought to the family by the marriage of Eleanor Bagenal to Thomas Nedham in 1601.

These are the approximate times that the family owned these properties

High Needham
Pool Park
William 1102
William 1154
Roger 1200
William 1256
John 1278
John 1233
William 1330
Thomas 1337
William 1330
Robert d.1406
Robert 1386-1448
Thomas 1410-1463
William d.1486
Conflicting dates; bought 1461 or 1506
Robert 1484-1556
to William
Thomas abt 1505
Built Hall
Robert 1535-1603
Henry 1570-1620    
Sold in 1760; now an 1828 building
Sold abt. 1610
Robert 1st. Viscount d. 1631
Robert 2nd. d. 1653
Charles 4th d. 1660
Thomas 6th d. 1687       Built recent Hall    
Robert 7th d. 1710
Robert 10th d. 1790